Chez Henri at Cambridge

A contemporary french restaurant is the category. At Chez Henri the basic technic of cooking is very french but is touched by numerous other cultures, mainly cuban and latin American, I guess. That makes the food amazingly tasty, better with butter and very good looking.

I had red snapper wrapped in banana leaf served over coconut rice. I am not sure whether this is original french, cuban inspired french or french learnt to make this in their colonies at Pondechari India. I care about the origin only to analyze why did I like it so much. I have had leaf wrapped fish in many coastal area in India and always loved all the forms. I liked this one better than all of those. Just right amount of spice, perfectly combined with sour and sweet of something like mango salsa and served over buttered coconut rice! Can’t get better than this.

All other things like ambiance, service, value for money etc. etc. are to suit the french standard.

PS: Sorry for the bad picture, I was too much in a hurry to start eating.

PPS: Beware of Kale Salad, it’s a miniature salad. Less than 7 leaves for $7.

Questions, comments, complements?

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