Fake Fried Chicken Gluten Free

Some times he dreams fried chicken, so I had to think of a recipe without gluten and one that doesn’t drip oil. Sharing with you, hope you will enjoy it. 

I like red meat of chicken over the white, thats why I use drumsticks. You may very well try the same recipe with chicken breast. The boneless chicken will of course take much lesser time. 

You will need:


  1. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper to it.
  2. Corn chex in a ziplock bag, lock the bag and roll the rolling pin all over it.
  3. Take one drumstick at a time dip it in eggs and then coat it with eggs, then roll it in corn chex.
  4. Place drum stick on a grill in a baking pan, drizzle some oil over it. I prefer the oil spray.
  5. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and place the baking tray on med level.
  6. Let it bake for an hour, then shift it to higher level. Let it bake there for 1/2 an hour or till the corn chex turn golden brown.
  7. And your fake fried chicken is ready!


Questions, comments, complements?

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