Gluten Free Low Calorie Perfect Mashed Potatoes: A Completely Unloaded Yet a Very Tasty Version

Potatoes are the best example of how neutral taste attracts the most. Everyone all over the world loves potatoes. All cultures eat potatoes. There must be 1000s of recipes for potatoes. Guess the most favorite and easiest must be mashed potatoes. Here is my gluten free and low cal version of it. 

Things you will need


  1. Boil potatoes with salt and water till they are mushy
  2. In a mixing bowl combine potatoes and “I cant believe it’s not butter” and mash it untill it forms a almost smooth paste.
  3. Add milk and mash a little more.
  4. And yes your Perfect Mashed Potatoes are ready!




Questions, comments, complements?

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