Gluten Free Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

This will be the first Thanksgiving I will be cooking for. Although on holidays the gluten free rules are let little loose, it’s always great to have gluten free options ready.

After stumbling upon Thanksgiving Disaster Stories, I have already started my thinking, planning and looking up for thanksgiving recipes and tools. Just thought these will be useful for others too. Like me if you are cooking thanksgiving dinner for the first time, you will obviously have a much more to prepare for starting with a Turkey Roasting Tray. And considering we will be taking little longer than experienced people to cook, I am going to try and make a few things in advance.

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Here is the cheat sheet that should make this Thanksgiving a stress free and more enjoyable holiday.

Champagne Roast Turkey: I like juicy Turkey. As I will be roasting Turkey for the first time, there is a greater chance of it becoming dry. So this is the sure recipe for that juicy Turkey.

To know what size of Turkey one needs and whether to buy frozen of fresh, check out How to Choose Your Turkey? If you still have questions about your Turkey then Call Turkey Hotline at 1-800-butterball

Turkey Roasting Pan with Lid: Most thanksgiving turkey recipes require a roasting pan with a lid. I looked for it in all stores from Costco to Williams Sonoma, and decided that I needed a stainless steel one, preferably an oval shape (corner less designs are easy to clean) and I wasn’t going to pay $150 for it. Prime Pacific PPD873 High Dome Stainless Steel Roaster with Rack With price of $37 and prime shipping this seemed like a great deal. Please don’t tell me if you find a better one.

Gravy: The best one as per my research so far.

Cranberry Fig Relish: Sometimes cranberry sauce is little too sweet for turkey, to avoid that risk this is a great idea. And I will be making it ahead of time, so i will have enough time to taste and repair or redo.

Gluten Free Stuffing: I did think of avoiding gluten free bread and making a rice stuffing but man of the house here is a big fan of conventional stuffing. He wants it, he will get it. I like people who are sure of what they want.

Mashed Potatoes: In addition to traditional mashed potatoes, I will be making Swiss Corn Bake Cups It looked way too yummy not to make it. And I will not get an opportunity better than Thanksgiving to try it.

Salad: All meals have to have a salad and this one looked good!

Gluten Free Pecan Pie: Mostly people have no room for dessert after Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s Thanksgiving so there has to be a dessert. I have already bought flour for gluten free pie crust and I can very well keep everything else the same as given in the recipe.

Yes, recipes are selected. Today I will spend some time on making my grocery list and tagging them with “where to buy?”






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