Learning Never Ends

From last night’s dinner, I realized three things. One, dinner with friends is my most favorite form of socializing. Two, my friends are very kind and appreciative of my efforts, in spite of too dense biryani and dense rice pudding. And three, even after 20 years of cooking learning from your mistake doesn’t ends.

The menu for the evening: lamb birayani, egg biryani, tanduri chicken, batata wada, shrimp patties, salad with tahini dressing, another salad with cucumber and tomatoes, and rice pudding for dessert.

Guest list: 4 old and 3 new friends.

I like non fussy, courageous and critical eaters, love the people who love food. Lucky to have friends like that and hope to cook innovative food for them forever. Partly because they forgive my mistakes!

Yes, it did happen. I made a too dense birayni and rice pudding. There are many reasons why it happened like that. Mainly because I was trying to work and cook at the same time. Lesson learnt: how much ever expert you think you are, there are things which need focus. Also this experience inspires me to start with a “things to be careful about” section. So that you make your own mistakes and don’t repeat mine. Finally great cooking is lot about being creative, right?

Thanks Aun, Muz, Anu, David,Su, Los and V for joining us. Thanks Z for helping me and special thanks to Anu for the picture.

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  1. imarin khan says:

    I’ve been reading for a while now, and I only have one question for you. Where can I try your food? Each recipe you offer is so yummy that when I look at what I eat every day, I actually feel bad. Please let me know how I can taste so me of the yumminess that is on your global plate.

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