Location Location Location, Is Just Not Enough…

Location Location Location! How some make good use of it and some waste it.

Yes, that’s true not all restaurant make use of an excellent location. Two restaurants at two equally great locations gave me two extreme experiences. Fox’s Lobster House at Nubble Light House in Maine and Salish Lodge and Spa at Snoqualmei Falls.

It was a early September beautiful New England evening by the light house. Dramatic location with breath taking beauty. We went to this restaurant with cutest tagline “nibble at nubble”. But the tagline was end of the nice things about the restaurant. We made a mistake of ordering the entire Lobster Dinner complete with lobster bisque, corn on cob, muscles etc etc. Must say I have never had worst lobster bisque than that one in my whole life. It was a great example of how terrible a lobster bisque can be.  Our beautiful Maine weekend was spoiled by this terrible dinner. When you are at Nubble or York, keep away from this restaurant. See the view sitting on the rocks and go somewhere else to eat. This one is cheap and cheap.

And it was late October cloudy morning in Seattle when we went to Salish for breakfast. Chill in the air and clouds around reminded me of Matheran near Mumbai in Monsoon. Just replacing the green trees with colorful fall trees. The restaurant at Salish Lodge is just perfect for this location. There can’t be anything better than ceremonious creamy hot chocolate which is made at the table and served in well designed tall cups. Everything ordered for breakfast was perfect. Whether it was elegant Eggs Benedict on Crab or simple Vegetable Omelet, it was perfect. When you are in Seattle, it’s worth driving for 30 minutes and have that best cup of hot chocolate with anything on the menu for breakfast.

This extreme difference in two restaurants at great location, once again emphasizes that great location is just one of the things and not the only thing great restaurants must have.

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