Maharaja at Harvard Square

This foodie Indian’s search for the best Indian restaurant in Boston ends at Maharaja. I have been grumpy for last three years about not being able to find a good Indian restaurant in Boston and surrounding area. The last time I ate good Indian food in restaurant was at Taj, London and in Junoon, NYC. So finding an Indian restaurant did feel like an achievement.

My favorite was Chicken Malai Tikka. I normally avoid eating white meat, because of it’s thready and dry texture. I was glad I dared to order these succulent kebabs. And they came with rice, black dal and papad. We had chai to go with it. This is another thing that I avoid as most restaurants don’t make fresh chai which makes it smelly. This one didn’t

For ambiance Zagat calls them “an elegant Indian”, India New England thinks it is a “Royal treat fit for kings”, The Boston Foodie think it is “feasting like a royalty”, I would say it is as royal as it could get in this city. Everything carved decor is  attractive but the staff just the same as any other indian restaurant.

Yet if you want to go to the best Indian restaurant around Boston, I would say this is the one.

Coupons and offers: 15% off on dinner if you check in on foursquare and 10% off if you “like” them on FB


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  1. Monali says:

    Pst!!! U forgot u lovely lil New Jersey

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