Pho Hoa at Quincy, a Cultural Compatibility Lesson

I have had the best Pho Hoa of my life here, I have never been to Vietnam and neither do I have any Vietnamese friends.

One needs a bit of cultural sensitivity and adaptability to enjoy the food here. The place is always full of loads of Vietnamese people so I assume the food must be as close to authentic as possible.

Go to this restaurant only if you understand the meaning of hole in a wall. Go for great tasting food. Not for great ambiance. Not for great service. Not for great presentation, or anything else. Just go for food and you will go again and again and again.

Here are 5 tips for you to be able to enjoy the lovely food here: 

  1. Stick to basic order while ordering food. The staff here is not too good with English so don’t load them with too many specifications.
  2. Order Pho Hoa, that’s what you are here for. Other than that Beef Vermicelli, Summr roll Sampler and Quail are nice. I have tried curry it’s not that exceptional.
  3. They don’t have conventional niceties but they have a good service in their own way. They will serve you green tea when you arrive so don’t get upset if they forget to ask for any other drinks.
  4. They just assume that the food is good, and if it’s not you will let them know. So don;t hold it against them if they don’t come and ask how you are doing, and if everything is ok.
  5. Please check your bill before you sign. Some people have been overcharged. Not me.

Eating here is more like eating in some other part of the world, so be accommodative and enjoy the great food!

Thank you Zach Braiker for the steamy picture! 


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