Snowstorm Food Festival

I love blizzards. Sit in my bean bag fort and enjoy the snow and yummy food, the whole day. And this time for days. Yea the blizzard, snow and blocked roads lasted for 2 days. All we did was watch snow, cook, eat, write/read, repeat.

Snow makes me nostalgic. Weird right? Considering I didn’t grow up with snow. Staying at home during heavy snow in Boston is like staying at home during heavy rains in Mumbai. The whole feeling of gazing outside the window for hours and food, more with food of course. So the food that I make for snow day is food from my nostalgic food set. The food that my Mom made for me. Well, I try my best.

This time on day 1, I waited for the snow with tea and pohe. At lunch time it was some flurries floating around and by the time I was working on my scooby snacks with dates and walnut for the lunch. Yea was working day so couldn’t put more effort in the lunch. By this time, snow movers were already at work. Big plans for dinner, very red mutton rassa (goat curry) and bajrichi bhakri. It took me quite a while to make 3 bhakris but was worth it. The most satisfying dinner in a long long time. Now it was all thick white weather, with snow flying around the everywhere, one couldn’t see beyond a few yards. Snow movers were working non stop. Last I saw them was with my cup of Mexican hot chocolate, at 2 in the morning.


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The next day started very late. Decided to keep the breakfast light, so some idlies with shredded cheddar cheese. I dont know anyone else’s who eats that combination, but I love it. Little sourness of idlies and crispy taste of cheddar, yummy. It had been 24 hours since it started snowing, almost stopped, well almost! Couldn’t think of anything better than fish tacos, after walk in the snow and long bath. Crunch crunch crunch. Once again walk in the snow, photoshoot, admiring sunset and back for dinner. Made nice chicken biryani by mixing some of last night’s curry and some raita kind of salad to go with it. Dessert anyone? Tried the 2 ingredients cookies. Cookies with milk, you can never go wrong with that.

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10Day 3 was Sunday, it was calmer outside. Started the day with hash brown and fried egg. I seem to have forgotten what we ate for lunch, will try to remember later. Z suggested we eat the dinner out, I didn’t think it was a good idea. Everything was closed for 3 days, so there was a good chance of getting stale food. I don’t think anyone got any supplies for last 3 days. So went home and had nice rack of lamb, marinated in italian+indian spices. Sunday evening, time to start prepping for the week ahead.



22This was the most relaxing weekend I ever had.

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