So Easy to Make and Not So Healthy To Eat. A Gluten Free Pizza.

Right now house is running low on grocery. I have to either take my creativity to another level or compromise with not so healthy food. Today I chose the latter. Found a packet of gluten free pizza crust from King Arthur Flours, looking at me from back of the cabinet. Hidden there with the decision of never eating it. But when I suffer pizza deficiency, I just can’t help it. 

Nothing much to write about the recipe. I exactly followed the instruction written on the back of the packet. It is a must for someone like me who has little low patience in baking. Once I couldn’t beat the egg long enough for macaroons and whole thing turned into a big coconut omelet. 

This time the only thing I changed was did not use electric mixer, cause I don’t have one. Proud to say that it did not make difference to the pizza. It was just one perfect pizza crust. 

After putting it in the oven, ran downstairs to get pepperoni and cheese from Walgreens. And I am still thinking, why is it so easy and so cheap to eat unhealthy. 


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