Too Many Cooks DO NOT Spoil the Broth: A Case…

In most cases having too many cooks do spoil the broth, but with Din Tai Fun Dumpling House at Seattle, it contributed to one of the most delicious meals this year. Picture 17 cooks working in a 500 Sqft space. Chaos right? Now imagine 17 well disciplined Asian cooks working in an assembly line. And there come the magic of expertise out of habit, an amazing rhythm to watch and finally the wonderful dumplings.

Personally I love the sound of the word dumpling. I find the concept of Dumpling House very cute. I picture it as lots of cute dumplings at work. In a way that imagination came to life here.

This is a must visit place when you are in Seattle. Especially for perfectly spicy, hot and sour soup in Seattle rains. A feeling too hard to forget.

Thanks Z Dad and Z Mom for taking me there.

Questions, comments, complements?

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